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Your Ballbusting Cam Girl Sister Charlotte Sartre

Your older sister is a hot webcam girl. You know exactly what she does every night, and you can’t help but fantasize about her. One night, you creep into her room. She is laying face down, still in her slutty outfit from camming, exhausted from the show.

You creep over her. Her eyes are closed, but you can’t tell if she’s out. You want to touch her nylon covered ass so bad. Eventually you do and she wakes up. She’s shocked that her little brother is standing in her room with a boner. She tells you to spread your legs so she can kick you hard in the nuts. You do, terrified of her telling anyone about this.

Charlotte kicks you and you drop to your knees. She’s even more shocked now that you’re even harder. So are you. You can’t believe how horny you are. She tells you that if you spread your legs and take 10 hard kicks from her, she won’t tell Mom about this.

She humiliates you in between kicks. She teases you with her ass and calls you a pervert for liking your sister kicking your nuts. She squeezes your balls, threatening to pop them.

After you make it through 9 kicks, she can tell you are hurting, possibly really damaged. “If you spread your legs one more time and let me kick you as hard as I can, I’ll jerk you off…

Your balls are aching from letting your hot cam girl sister kick you in the nuts 10 times after she caught you creeping on her. A deal is a deal. She’s going to jerk you off now.

She takes her time, bringing you right to the edge of cumming over and over, stopping to squeeze your aching balls. You have a sadistic hot sister. She might actually be serious about popping your balls for good…

Charlotte lets you touch her ass. “You wish you could fuck my ass. You know how many guys I let fuck my ass… but you just get your balls broken and a handjob.”

After a LOT of edging and ball squeezing and humiliation, she finally milks and explosive cumshot out of you all over her crotch. “You wanted to cum on your sister’s pussy didn’t you…? Now lick it up.”

Date Added: April 8, 2018


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