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Sweet Little Sister Ashley Sinclair

Lance told promised his girlfriend that he’d let her little sister stay with him for the weekend while she’s on break from school. He’s never met her before, and has no idea what a weekend with Ashley Sinclair will entail.

As soon as she walks into his apartment, lil sis knees him in the balls and laughs. She’s a hot little ballbuster in spandex tights with perky tits and the face of an angel. There is no reasoning with her. She’s up to mischief and Lance is in trouble.

She goes to town on his balls with knees and kicks. She starts out pretty light, but gets really serious with the ball slap and grabs as the clip goes on. Ashley loves teasing and knows she’s hot, so before and after each hit to his balls she puts her ass in his face, shakes her hips, her tits, smiles and her eyes sparkle with cute evil.

She eventually completely takes him out with a combo of ball slapping and scissoring his neck with her sexy little firm thighs and bounds off to the door. She’s going to get some things from her car to make it a littlemore interesting…

Ashley is back to bother her sister’s boyfriend some more. She had tied him up by the wrists to the couch, and now she is wearing sexy thong teddy and fishnets that expose her perfect bare feet. She teases him with her perfect ass, knowing that his hands just barely can’t reach to touch it. She giggles while she slaps and squeezes his balls.

Lance pleads with Ashley not to tell her sister about this but she just giggles more, and sticks her feet in his mouth while she crushes his balls with her other foot. She makes him suck on her foot like it’s a cock, she makes him worship her ass more and eventually leaves him ties up with sore blue balls…

Ashley is back to fuck with her big sister’s boyfriend some more. He is still tied up on the couch, and now she is wearing a tight see through teddy, which she looks fucking amazing in. She teases him with her perfect body, slaps and abuses his balls and laughs while he squirms.

The clip ends as she is about to make him to suck on her toes while she puts pressure on his balls with her other foot. If you want to see how that goes, check out the next clip in the series…

Now that Lance is stuck on the floor with his hands tied over his head and Ashley (his girlfriend’s little sister) has been teasing and abusing his cock and balls, she wants him to suck on her toes. She sticks one foot in his mouth and the other over his cock and balls, applying pressure to make him suck her toes right.

After a bit of that, she climbs on top of him and jumps up and down on him, hitting his balls with both feet at the same time, then stands over him for a couple more kicks before she leaves him on the floor with sore balls.

Lance has been tied up on the floor for days while his girlfriend’s little sister has been using his apartment. She comes to check on him and give him some news. All she is wearing is patterned tights, and her body is amazing.

Ashley tells Lance that she needs money. She’s going to milk his cum out all over her pantyhose, and keep his DNA as blackmail. He’s going to have to start giving her money or she’s going to make his life hell.

She sweetly grabs his balls and slaps them just to see him squirm before she starts to give him the best handjob of his life. There’s no way he will be able to hold back from cumming after all the teasing she’s been putting him through.

As she strokes his lubed up cock with both hands, she smiles, giggles and tells him all the ways she’s going to be spending his money until he can’t take it anymore and cums all over her pantyhose.

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