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Sorority Sisters Break Balls

JC Simpson is finding sympathy from her big sorority sister, Leena Sky... Her boyfriend cums too quick and she is not getting fucked right... She talks about it to her sorority sister right in front of her boyfriend, humiliating him...

Leena has heard enough. It is time to take action. If he is cumming to fast, his balls need to be adjusted with a little teasing and brutality. They take turns, one hold him up while the other knees him in the nuts.

Then they lay him down, and one straddles his face while the other brutalizes his balls. Leena holds his head while JC shakes her perfect ass in pussy just inches from his tongue, “Oh you want that... you can’t have that...”

They stand him back up for more kicks and knees and then leave him with sore and blue balls.

Later on, JC Simpson and her sorority sister, Leena Sky, return to JC’s loser boyfriend. While he is on the couch, Leena kisses JC and tries to convince her to leave him, but JC wants to give him another chance. He just needs a little more training...

JC wakes him up with a hard slap to his balls, closely followed by her mary jane shoe driven hard into his nuts, “Get on the floor now and take it like a bitch!”

Leena smothers his face with her tits, muffling his screams while JC knees him and leans over to make out with her sorority sister, right on top of him. Then JC sits on his stomach, bouncing up and down hard, knocking the wind out of him while Leena seductively kisses her neck from behind.

Then JC sits right on his face, smothering his moans while Leena grabs his balls and squeezes tighter and tighter. His screaming vibrates JC’s pussy, so she tells her sorority sister to squeeze harder.

Leena suggests to JC that they fuck him in the ass with a dildo, to show him how to fuck properly. He tries to protest, but his screams are muffled by JC’s pussy and the two sorority sisters continue to discuss having their way with his ass while Leena stomps his balls.

Eventually the two sorority sisters get so horny from all the abuse and teasing, they leave him on the ground in agony to go fuck each other, but on the way out, JC gets in a couple more hard kicks while he is down.

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