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Sorority Sex Slave Trials

Head Sorority Sister, Leena Sky, has Lance Hart chained to the wall in her dungeon. She has been getting complaints about young Lance cumming too fast when he is fucking her younger sorority sister. She thinks he has potential as a possible sex servant to all of the hot sorority girls, but she needs to adjust his nuts first...

If she can make him less sensitive, and not cum so fast by brutally kicking his balls with her high heels, he might make the cut. If not, she is just going to Nut him and use his tongue to service all the hot sorority girls...

Leena is very sexual and seductive, while she brutalizes his balls. After some hard kicks, knees, face slaps, and teasing, she leaves him chained to the wall for later...

Leena returns to Lance, who is still chained to the wall in the sorority dungeon. She still thinks Lance has potential, not only to fuck his girlfriend, Leena’s little sorority sister, like he should, but possibly to be the new sorority house sex slave...

Now she needs to see how sensitive he his. She is wearing a sexy fucking shiny latex high cut leotard, shiny pantyhose and some fierce leather high heel boots. She lubes up his cock and explains to him the deal: If he can keep from cumming, she will let him go, and he can fuck her sorority sister all he wants... but if he does cum (she explains while gripping his balls) she might just destroy his nuts and keep him as a slave forever...

She starts milking, looking deep into his eyes, seducing him with her body, adding more lube, teasing him, telling him not to cum but doing everything she can to milk every drop out of him. Eventually he can’t take it anymore and he cums all over her shiny pantyhose. Looks like she got a new slave...

Date Added: July 4, 2018


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