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Slave to a Cam Girl

Rocky Emerson is a hot cam girl with a lazy ass roommate. Lance lost his job again and he’s sleeping on their sofa. Rocky wakes him up by smothering his face with her ass.

She berates him for being lazy, but starts to get turned on by an idea… What if she uses him in her cam shows…? If he’s going to be a bum and mooch off her, she might as well get tips for using him in her shows…

She has a lot of fans who want to see her abuse a guy, fuck him in the ass with a strap-on, tease his cock… This will be perfect. But first she’s going to enjoy smothering him with her ass and crotch in her sexy pantyhose outfit.

Rocky is putting her mooch of a roommate to use. She has him gagged with her laptop on his stomach while she rides his hard cock with her pussy so her fans can tip her and tell her what to do with his dick. He’s squirming and trying not to cum. If he cum’s before her fans let him, she’ll probably kick him out.

She slides up and down on his throbbing cock talking about all the terrible stuff her fans want her to do to him. She gets a big tip from someone that wants her to bounce hard on his cock until she cums, so she does.

Rocky laughs at his plight, as no one is tipping to see him actually cum. They all just want to see her tits bounce and his cock going in and out of her. Finally she gets a huge tip from someone that wants to watch her fuck his ass with a strap-on…

Rocky has her lazy roommate bent over the sofa, still gagged and her laptop is on his back. She’s wearing a pick strap-on cock and she’s about to slide it in. She doesn’t care if he doesn’t like this. It’s time to earn his keep.

She fucks him in a couple positions, pointing at a monitor and laughing while she makes money with his ass. Finally she gets a huge tip from someone that wants to see him cum with her cock in his ass, so she milks his throbbing cock until he explodes all over himself.

Date Added: May 8, 2018


23 min of video


Rating: 4.3/5.0

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