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Pepper Hart Gets Batman's Balls

Batman tracked down the slutty villainess Pepper Hart’s lair. Robin has been missing for days and he knows she had something to do with it.

Pepper Surprises Batman wearing only shiny pantyhose, high socks, sneakers, and high waisted panties. She giggles while he grabs her to take her down, then pulls out a watch and swings it in his face.

Quickly she has full control over the dark knight. She tells him that after she snaps her fingers he will believe that the only way to take bring her to justice will be if she kicks him hard in the balls over and over.

She snaps and he demands that she kick him in the balls as hard as she can. Slutty Evil Pepper giggles and happily kicks him over and over while he begs for more.

She notices that he has a huge erection so she pulls out his cock. He doesn’t stop her. Pepper is impressed by his huge cock so she gets down on her knees and starts to suck it. Batman tells her this does nothing for him. He demands that she get back to destroying his balls with kicks. Pepper smiles at how powerful she is and how week she has made the dark knight.

She goes back and forth between sucking his huge cock and kicking the fuck out of his nuts. The kicks get harder and harder and her evil side gets more evil as this goes on.

Pepper ties Batman to her rack with his legs spread wide. He willingly lets her as he is still under her spell. Once he’s fully bound and secure with his legs spread and nuts exposed, she snaps him back to normal and laughs.

He comes to and is angry. “This is exactly what I did to Robin! He was so mad when I cut his little balls off though… [giggle]”

“Don’t worry Bats, you can keep this big cock, I just want your balls…”

Evil Slutty Pepper can’t stop herself from sucking on Batman’s huge cock while is still works. She goes back and forth from giving him the best blowjob of his life and kicking his balls into mush.

“I’m going to take your balls after you cum. So just don’t cum if you want to keep them…”

“Get ready, I’m gonna squeeze the cum out of your balls while I suck your dick.” She sucks the cum out of his cock, opens her pretty mouth to show him his last load then kisses him and spits it in his mouth.

“I’m gonna take my time cutting these off. I’m not even gonna put you back under. :)”

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