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Lizzy Lamb Abuses Your Balls

You have been tied to a bed a house full of women for weeks. They take turns using your cock and your tongue for their pleasure, but they NEVER let you cum. You’re balls are so blue they ache.

The girls in the house spread the word to all their hot friends that you are available for their use. Lizzy Lamb heard the news. She doesn’t want your cock or your tongue. She gets off by teasing men and seeing them suffer.

Lizzy enters the room in black pantyhose, high heels and a tank top. She smiles at you, then crawls on the bed and slaps you right in your aching balls. “I heard these are really getting blue from all the edging [smiles].”

She stands over you and taps your balls with her pantyhose covered foot. Just the taps are extremely painful. Your balls are sore and tightly positioned in the thong underwear that the girls make you wear.

Lizzy takes her time abusing your balls with her feet and hands. She squeezes them and smiles. She sits on your stomach, grinding her tight young ass against you while she punches your balls over and over. When she gets bored with your hopeless suffering, she leaves you tied and dripping pre-cum in your underwear.

She’ll be back….

Later on, Lizzy returns to find you still aching and bound to the bed in your red thong. Now she is wearing a high cut leotard, fishnets and heels.

“Brace yourself. Your balls are about to get a lot more sore….” she says before crawling over you onto the bed. She gets right to work, slapping your nuts over and over. You can’t do anything about it. Lizzy giggles while you suffer.

“I know this is the most delicate part of you, and I love hurting you like this.” She stands over you to deliver some kicks to your nuts while your legs are still bound and spread. You can’t go anywhere. You just have to take more abuse.

She presses her fishnet covered foot hard on your cock and balls. She teases you with her perfect young ass. She slaps your nuts over and over…

Finally she leaves you. You can’t help but stare at her perfect ass in a thong and fishnets as she struts out of the room, even though she just put your balls through hell.

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