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Kiss His Cum from My Mouth Cuck with Charlotte Sartre

You find your hot goth girlfriend with a big tall muscular man in a hallway. She has his giant cock in her hands.

“Oh my God your cock is so much bigger than my pathetic cuck boyfriends…” She tells the him as she uses both her hands to try to stroke it.

She notices you watching them and struts over to you. “What did I tell you honey, I need bigger cocks in my life. THAT is a bigger cock. If you’re good I might kiss you after I suck his cock. If you’re not, I might cut your balls off tonight.”

“How’s that chastity feel? Are the spikes hurting? Good. God, your cock is so small and pathetic…”

She struts back to her bull, teasing you with her perfect ass along the way. You can’t help yourself. You follow her.

“Look at you, you fucking pervert, do you wanna help me suck this big cock?” She says to you. “Oh really, that’s funny you still think you aren’t gay…”

“Well, maybe I’ll kiss you with a mouth full of his cum if you’re good, I guess…”

She worships and sucks his huge cock in front of you. She strokes it with both hands while she sucks it, stopping only to humiliate you for having a tiny cock in spiked chastity from time to time.

Clearly she’s enamored with the huge cock. It hurts you so bad to see her so turned on by it, knowing your tiny cock can’t do anything for her.

“I know you’re too much of a pussy to admit you wish you could suck this cock with me…”

“If your cock was so fucking small I’d do this for you. Oh well…”

She makes you get on your knees beneath him while she stands over you and stokes his giant cock in your face, teasing you with it, then gets back down and continues to give him an amazing blowjob. She stops a few times just to remind you that she knows you wish you could help her because you are such a secret sissy.

She sucks a huge load out of his big dick, leaves it in the front of her mouth and says to you “All right baby, give me a big kiss. Tonight, I’m really going to hurt you.”

Charlotte looks in your eyes and opens her mouth for you to lick all the cum out.

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