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I Hate My Stepdad

Paris is laying in her bed wearing a leotard and shiny pantyhose next to her vibrator. She’s talking to her friend on the phone about how much she hates her Step Dad. He’s always harassing her and doing inappropriate things. Her friend tells her that she could actually make money from his cum by selling it. Paris loves the idea. “He’s always bugging me. I’m gonna start keeping his cum and selling it! It’s like having a live-in cum machine!” Paris’s friend tells her about a machine that’s capable of milking cum from a man, non-stop… Paris gets so horny she grabs her vibrator and starts to masturbate while she’s on the phone with her girlfriend. She keeps talking about using her dirty Step Dad as a cum cash cow… She has an orgasm while having phone sex with her girl friend. Then her friend tells her she already ordered the milking machine… Later on… Paris is holding the milking machine while it pulses in her hand. She has an evil grin and talks to herself, “I can’t wait to put that pervert’s dick in this thing… What’s it even feel like? Well, he’s gonna find out!” Paris’s Step Dad walks into the room. He immediately starts to grope her and manhandle her. “Ugh… You just bugged me yesterday…” She complains, but goes along with his creeping. He puts her hand on his cock and tell her to get to work for Daddy. She sucks his cock “like a good girl” until he throws her down on the bed and rips her pantyhose open. He buries his face in his step daughter’s ass to lick her young pussy. She clearly likes it, but hates him. He wraps his necktie around her neck and pulls on it while he pounds her from behind. When he’s about to fill her pussy with his cum, she stops him. “I wanna ride you, Daddy…” She gets on top of him. Her perfect tits bounce over him while she uses his cock for her pleasure. She tells him not to cum yet, or she’s going to tell her Mom what he’s been doing. When she’s done with his cock, she grabs his balls while his cock is still hard inside her. “What are you doing!?!?” He tells her she’s being a bad girl, and she laughs while she squeezes his balls so hard he goes out. “I know exactly what I’m going to do with you now…” She says with an evil smile and climbs off his cock. Later on, she stands over him while he sits on the floor against the wall with the milking machine working on his cock. It obviously feels amazing, but he’s scared of what she’s actually up to… “I’m going to start milking and selling your cum, Daddy. If you don’t do everything I say, I’m going to tell Mom how big of a pervert you are, and she’ll leave you and take all your money…” She giggles and teases him while the machine sucks and pumps his first load out of him. As soon as he cums, he tried to take the machine off his sensitive dick, but she won’t let him. She stands over him and puts her pussy right in his mouth. “You’ve going to keep this machine on and keep filling it with your cum. I don’t care how much it hurts!” She makes him leave the machine on while he squirms. She muffles his complaints with her ass and pussy while she laughs. He’s caught between heaven and hell. His slutty step daughter owns his balls. She makes him cum in the machine two more times. It feels amazing right before he cums, but he’s scared to orgasm because of how it will feel immediately after… This is his life now.

Date Added: January 21, 2018


32 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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