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High School Crush

Lance had a huge crush on Roxanne Rae in high school. She is back in town for the weekend and staying in a motel, and he can’t believe she called him... As soon as Lance walks in the door to what he is hoping will be a romantic weekend with his high school crush, Roxanne knees him in the balls and giggles when he crumples over in pain. “I’m going to have a fun weekend with you...” she says... He comes too chained the bed, naked, and she is cramming her dirty panties in his mouth to gag him. She teases him to get him hard and kicks or knees him in the nuts over and over. Roxanne loves giving men blue balls before she destroys their manhood. After kicking him hard, she stops him from falling to his knees by telling him that if he doesn’t stay standing with his legs spread for her, she is going to cut his balls off. She loves the power she has over Lance. It is going to be a very long weekend... Lance is still bound naked to the bed in Roxanne's motel room. She is about to go on a date. She looks so fucking hot in her tight black mini dress and fishnets and she knows it. She teases Lance by jerking his cock until he is hard, telling her all about her hot date and how big the other guy's cock is. She tells Lance that he is not allowed to cum, or she will Nut him right there, but continues to tease him with her body (and her dirty panties are still crammed in his mouth)... She tells Lance she is going to let the other guy cum inside her, and make Lance lick it up when she gets home, cuckolding him while giving him the worst blue balls of his life. Everytime he gets close to cumming, she stops stroking his cock, and giggles when his cock throbs... It's the end of a long weekend for Lance. He has been brought to the edge of cumming over and over by his high school crush, only to get denied and kicked in the balls. Roxanne was hoping to make him beg her to Nut him, but that would be hard since she crammed her dirty panties in his mouth and he can't really talk... She is ready to take his balls, and she is going to be sweet and let him cum on last time. She lubes up his cock and strokes his throbbing shaft. He is trying to hold out and keep his balls just a little longer, but she is so seductive that he has no choice. Roxanne giggles when she milks his last load ever all over his stomach, then leaves him to get something to emasculate him with...

Date Added: January 15, 2018


20 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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