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Head Sorority Sister Sex Lessons

Leena Sky is the head sorority sister at Lance’s girlfriend’s Sorority house. Lance’s girlfriend told her big sister that Lance just is not fucking her right, and she is unsatisfied, so Leena thought she should be a good big sister and solve this problem.

She called Lance to meet her, and he is very nervous because she’s smoking hot and more experienced than him. When Leena tells him that the sorority girls are talking about him not being good in bed, he gets really embarrassed, especially hearing this from a sexy older woman.

Leena explains that she is going to train him. She seduces him at first, then gets brutal and makes him take her very seriously with a hard knee to his balls. While he is moaning in pain, she throws him down, and wraps her sexy thighs around his head, shoving her pussy in his face. “This is what you need to be doing... We don’t care if you can breathe or not, you need to eat pussy...”

Leena abuses Lance’s balls, and puts him in a few pussy and ass worshiping positions, and eventually she gets really turned on with her pussy in his face, and her legs wrapped around his neck, but Lance goes limp. She realizes that she has knocked him out, and gets ready for phase two of his training...

Lance comes to on the floor of a padded room. He is in a secret chamber of his girlfriend’s sorority house, and the Head Sister Leena Sky is standing over him in a tight shiny leotard, shiny black pantyhose and high heels with her foot on his balls...

She makes him a deal. He need to learn how to fuck properly, and she needs some exercise. Leena tells him that they are going to wrestle, and if she wins, he’s going to go through a full on sex lesson. Needless to say, Lance is not too worried about losing, at first...

When they start to grapple she immediately knees him in the balls to drop him to the floor. While on top of him, she straddles his face, teases his cock until he is hard with her amazing tits, but when he starts to enjoy it, she grabs his balls tight until he gives up.

Now Lance thinks they are going to fuck, and they are, just now how he expected. Leena grabs a big purple strap on dildo, and he tries to escape but the door is locked. He has no choice. His ass is getting pounded by sexy Leena.

She fucks him in a couple different positions, “You like my cock? You like getting fucked? This is how you are supposed to fuck, Lance...”

Leena lets him cum, but only with her dick deep in his ass, “Ride my cock!” making him grind harder on her huge strap on. After he cums on her amazing tits, she rubs her cum covered breasts all over his face, making him lick it up, then leaves him, locking him in the sex chamber.

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