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Give Your Balls To Rocky Emerson

Rocky Emerson is wearing black pantyhose, a red high cut leotard, a corset and heels. She’s 6 foot 2 and hot as fuck. She catches you jerking off to her.

“As soon as you cum I’m going to kick you in the balls…”

She teases you with her body, telling you to smack yourself in the nuts and squeeze them for her amusement.

“I haven’t been fucked for so long… I wish I had someone to do it. Too bad your little dick won’t work for me…”

“If your dick wasn’t so little, I’d let you fuck my ass. EVERYONE loves fucking my ass. Too bad I’m just gonna kick you in the balls.”

She gets you to edge yourself a few time. When you do cum, she smiles big and tells you to get ready…

Later on, Rocky is wearing a blue leotard, high socks and sneakers. She’s on the sofa when she catches you jerking off to her again.

“Ok this time I’m going to kick you SO hard in the nuts after you cum.”

“Slap yourself in the balls to get them ready for me.”

She encourages you to jerk off, humiliating you along the way. Making you edge and hurt yourself. When you finally cum, she stands up and tells you to get ready. You might never be able to cum again…

Date Added: May 6, 2018


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