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Girlfriend Takes Your Balls and Cucks You

Lydia Black is your slutty girlfriend. She dressed up in sexy lingerie to tell you that she’s never been satisfied with your little dick. In fact, she’s never going to use it again. Tonight she’s going to castrate you right after you watch her get fucked silly by two studs.

She hands you a hair tie to wrap around your balls while you watch. Two tall strong guys with big dicks show up, pick her up off her feet and one of them shoves his dick in her ass.

Lydia humiliates you in front of them. “You could never do this with me. You can’t even pick me up and this guy is curling me. OMG his dick feels so good in my ass.”

She goes crazy on their dicks. She sucks their cocks. She takes it in the ass. They even double penetrate her. The whole time she looks you in the eyes, reminding you that you’re about to get castrated.

“You’re going to have to be a slut like me after this and learn how take these dicks.”

“Are you ready to lose your balls? Which one to you want to lose first? You better pick one, or I’m gonna pick and I’m not going to make it easy and quick.”

She sucks the cum out of both of their cocks, then with two big loads dripping out of her mouth tells you to kiss her. “Say goodbye to your balls, bitch.”

Your slutty girlfriend already castrated you after making you watch her get fucked silly by two studs. Now she’s training you to be her nutless sissy whore. She has a pink strap-on on and she’s stroking two big dicks.

You have to ride her cock while you get used to sucking their dicks.

Now that you don’t have balls, you’re going to have to learn how to cum from anal pleasure. Don’t worry, she’ll patiently train you for as long as it takes.

“After you take their loads, we’ll go shopping! I’ll take you to Hot Topic and get you some cute slutty girl clothes :)”

“You don’t have balls anymore, but still have a cock… we’re going to have to do something about it. We’ll have to put pantyhose on you and squish your tiny dick so you’re nice and smooth like me. Otherwise, no one’s going to want to fuck you if they see your tiny little bulge.”

“Ok I’ll give you one little cheat. If you’re scared to suck the cum out their dicks, I’ll do it for you this one time and you can lick up their cum off my shiny pantyhose.”

She sucks the cum out of both their dicks to show you how it’s done, then lets it drip on her thighs so you can lick it all up.

After you are done eating a lot of cum she tells you to work on your make up skills because you look fucking trashy.

Your slutty girlfriend wants more dick, and she loves making you watch her get her brains fucks out. Especially since she castrated you.

Now she’s wearing a red high cut leotard and crotchless fishnets. Her two studs quickly rip off the red leotard and shove their huge cocks in her mouth, which makes her smile.

“Do you remember when we cut your balls off? That was the highlight of my life :) Ok guys, come on and fuck me.”

She smiles and moans while they pick her up and take turns pounding her pussy. She cums really fast, thanking them, then begs for more while you watch.

“Holy sh*t his dick is so much bigger than yours is!”

“You could never fill my pussy like this, you eunuch bitch!”

“You see how happy I am! You’re little dick never made me this fucking happy. It was fucking pathetic.”

She takes one huge load on her tits. “Don’t lick it up yet you greedy little sissy. I got TWO more loads coming and you have to eat it all.”

Your slutty girlfriend, Lydia Black, just got fucked by two guys and took one of their loads on her tits. She calls one more dick in so she can take two more loads before you get to lick it all up.

They fuck her brains out in front of you. One of them asks, “What’s up with this…. Is that your girlfriend watching us…?” The other guy shoves his cock in her mouth and says “Might as well be…”

Lydia moans while she’s getting choke-fucked, “Oh she never made me feel like this.” From now on, you are a “She.”

Lydia rides one dick and sucks another. She pulls the hard dick out of her pussy and tells you to lick her pussy juices off of it, then slides it back in her and moans, cumming again, thanking her studs.

One of them cums all over her pussy and fishnets. She tells you to crawl over and lick her clean. Then she sucks the load out of the last guy.

She spits the cum that she doesn’t swallow all over herself. “I hope you’re fucking hungry… No Nuts… :)”

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