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Crazy Ballbusting Roommate

Cory Chase has been living with Lance for a while. He knows she’s a little nuts, but she’s so fucking sexy he obsessed with her. The sexual tension has been building, and now she’s walking around the house in some really sexy workout clothes: A tight leotard, shiny pantyhose, white socks, sneakers, red lipstick and pigtails…

She starts to come onto him, and he thinks he’s finally going to get to fuck his hot roommate, until she knees him in the balls and tells him that ballbusting really turns her on.

Cory plays a very sexy, ditsy role in this clip, and does the old, “Awe, did I break you balls…?” perfectly.

She makes him lick her sneakers, and teases him just enough to keep him interested and exposed for her to completely break his balls.

Cory just got off of work and she’s wearing her little orange shorts, tight tank top, sneakers, socks, and shiny pantyhose. She teases Lance to get him aroused. He’s a little reluctant because she recently almost destroyed his balls the last time she teased him, but he can’t help himself, so he strips down.

She gets on her knees, lubes up his cock and starts to stroke him off. “Your hard cock is making my nipples hard…” She keeps stroking as she asks, “You really want to do this don’t you….”

Lance doesn’t know what she means, but doesn’t care. She is so fucking sexy as she strokes him off and talks dirty to him about how bad she want’s him to cum. Cory invites him to get “more comfortable,” and get’s him on the couch. She has her sneakers in his face and his hard throbbing cock squeezed between her pantyhose covered legs while she teases the tip of his dick.

“Smell my sneakers while I play with your cock…” She’s still being cute and seductive, but the craziness is starting to come out. She begs him to cum for her, all over her pantyhose while she crushes and squeezes his dick, “You know I could just stop now…”

He begs her not to stop. It hurts but he’s so close to cumming and she has him so turned on he doesn’t know what to do. “You know darling, if you cum, I WILL TAKE YOUR BALLS OFF…”

Lance is terrified. She’s either going to make him cum all over her pantyhose, or rip his dick off with her strong legs. She makes him decide. Blue balls forever, and she rips his dick off, or cum and she Nuts him…

She giggles and makes him wave “bye bye” to his own balls after she milks his cum out all over her legs

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Rating: 5.0/5.0

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