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Betting on His Ass

Roxanne Rae wants to play a game with her roommate, Tristan Sweet. She wants to see if she can make him cum in 5 minutes. If she success, her prize is fucking him in the ass. Tristan does not think this is possible, but he is soon proved wrong.

Roxanne is wearing knee high socks and panties, meanwhile Tristan starts out with tight shorts that do not remain on his body for long…

Tristan gets his cock teased by the coy Roxanne, his cock already becoming harder with each passing second.

“You are so sexy, but I am NOT gonna cum” says Tristan.

“If you cum, I am gonna fuckin’ rail you in the ass so fuckin’ hard!” Roxanne taunts.

She strokes his cock and holds his balls in a death grip while he is groaning in pain.

Tristan blows a load all over her hand and Roxanne wanders off. She cannot wait! Tristan, however, is left pitifully on the couch…

Roxanne Rae is back to follow through with her promise to Tristan Sweet that she would fuck him in the ass. Tristan is not excited about this in the least bit - he was hoping to fuck Roxanne, but lost the previous bet they made.

Roxanne is wearing yoga pants, tennis shoes, a strap on, and has duct tape covering her nipples. Tristan is soon stripped down to nothing, giving Roxanne an all access pass to his tight little ass…

Roxanne shoves him over a chair and makes him bend down. She begins to fuck him in the ass with her strap on.

At first, it is sensual, but it soon becomes more intense when Roxanne realizes how much pain Tristan is in. As a result, she fucks him faster and even laughs at him.

“I love to fuck you in the ass because you take it so fucking well!” Roxanne teases, grinding her strap on deeper and deeper into his ass.

Tristan is moaning in pain and cannot take it anymore. His form of communication is now only moans that he can barely let out.

He is exhausted from his ass pounding and wishes he would have tried harder to win this bet…

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