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Asia Perez Ballbusting Tease

Asia Perez is in the kitchen wearing fishnets, panties and sneakers. She wiggles her ass in front of Lance Hart, teasing him. She grinds her ass against him and giggles with a mischievous plan in mind.

Asia quickly has him wrapped around her finger. “See, I have a little thing… I just LOVE to bust balls!”

“I love torturing them. I love grabbing them, kicking them… kneeing them…” She knees him hard in the nuts and drops him to his knees.

Asia proceeds to tease Lance, keep him hard and kick, knee and squeeze his balls. She teases him so well with her sexy body that she gets him to beg her to kick him harder. She laughs every time he crumples over. Asia really is a natural ball busting tease.

“I’ll let you sniff my pussy if you ask me for another kick…”

When Lance doesn’t think he can take anymore she raises the stakes. She tells him she’ll jerk him off until he cums if he can take more hard kicks. Lance has no choice at this point, she’s gotten him so horny he just wants to cum.

She edges him over and over, then makes him beg her to kick him in the nuts right after he cums.

Date Added: April 19, 2018


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