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Arielle Aquinas Ball Hunter

Lance thought he met a nice girl at church… In the beginning of this clip, Lance Hart just got finished fucking Arielle Aquinas for the first time. He’s spent, but she’s not done. She climbs on top of him and slides his cock back inside her. When Lance protests because he’s sensitive from just fucking, she grabs his balls and squeezes hard.

“I thought you said you were glad we met and you wanted to fuck me a lot…”

She rides his cock and squeezes his nuts until he cums inside her again. She still isn’t done. Lance has no idea that Arielle is on the hunt for the perfect set of balls for her to milk completely dry. She has cast a spell on him that makes his cock stay hard, no matter how many times he cums, or how uncomfortable he gets…

Arielle milks another couple loads into her insatiable pussy while squeezing and slapping his balls.

“I think I’m going to keep you around…” she whispers to him.

Arielle wakes Lance up. He fell asleep after she fucked his brains out and abused his balls all night. She’s half dressed for work in a tight skirt, pantyhose and a bra with her morning coffee. Lance gets up to leave, but she stops him.

“You’re not going anywhere…”

She takes off her high heel shoe and puts her pantyhose covered foot in his nuts. “We gotta build that cum back up…” she says to herself while she squeezes his balls. He really isn’t going anywhere. She’s decides to keep him to harvest his balls for all they are worth…

He tries to leave again but she sits on his face and makes him lick her pussy while she slaps his balls and plays with his cock. Her spell on him is working, but she has to keep him horny for his balls to refill over and over.

Lance tries one last time to leave but she knees him in the balls hard over and over. She sucks his cock when he can’t take any more knees then goes back to abusing them. He’s going to have to get used to cumming while his balls ache. She finally sucks the cum out of his cock, then knees him hard one more time to keep him in bed holding his nuts until she returns…

Arielle’s spell is in full effect on Lance now. He’s her slave and he’ll do whatever she wants, even though he doesn’t understand why he’s following her orders.

She has a testicle milking machine in her kitchen and she’s using it to completely drain his balls. Once they are fully empty, she will use his cum for her evil means, then most likely cut off his balls and keep him around as a eunuch. The machine does it’s work, sucking his cock and making him cum over and over.

He begs her to give him a break. “Don’t take that thing off your dick or I’ll cut your balls off right now” she tells him.

She teases him with her body in her mini skirt and fishnets. She lets him grope her to keep the cum pumping out of his aching balls and agitated cock. She slaps his balls just to fuck with him while he’s being drained.

Arielle has to leave to go get laid. She leaves him in the kitchen, brain washed, still connected to her milking machine to be drained and tormented until she returns.

Arielle returns from her booty call. She bounces in the room happy as fuck about getting fucked by a bunch of guys. Lance is on her kitchen floor, completely broken after her machine drains his balls dry. He’s aching, and he’s not even sure if he’ll recover.

“I need you to clean out my pussy now. That’s going to be your job, since your cock is probably useless by now… Like five guys just came in me, so someone’s gotta clean it out… Unless you just want me to cut your balls off right here and now…”

Lance is desperate to keep whatever is left of his manhood. Arielle knows he’s still under his spell and has no choice anyway, but she likes fucking with him. She makes him wear her panties then buries his face in her ass. She makes him rip her fishnets open and lick her pussy clean. His cock and balls ache while he licks the cum out of her pussy.

“This is going to be your job now!” She tells him.

Arielle threatens to cut his balls off again as he finishes licking her pussy. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves him on the kitchen floor.

Date Added: June 1, 2018


12 Photos, 35 min of video


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