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Ariel Kay Roommate Control

Ariel Kay works at a night club. Her roommate, Lance Hart, is a fucking slacker. She’s had enough. Before she leaves for work one day (wearing a tight high cut thong leotard, pantyhose and heels) she confronts him about rent money.

He comes up with a lame excuse, so she grabs him by the balls and squeezes to let him know she’s serious. He’s such a creep, even when she’s squeezing his balls he can’t stop staring at her sexy body.

“Are you really gonna look at me like that?!”

She sits on his face and continues to squeeze his nuts. He just moans and worships her pussy through her leotard and pantyhose. He’s hopeless and she’s fed up.

She stands over him and puts her high heel shoe on his cock and balls. He’s still creeping on her. She tells him to get on the ground. Ariel humiliates him about never having a girlfriend and always having blue balls. She’s gonna make his balls ache.

She puts one foot on his balls and one high heel in his mouth. She grabs a vibrator and makes her self cum multiple times. As she gets excited, she pressed her stripper shoe harder on his balls. Lance is such a perv he just keeps worshiping her foot….

Lance is on the floor with his super hot roommate standing over him in her work uniform (leotard, pantyhose, heels…) begging her to help him get off.

“I can’t focus. You’re too hot. I promise I’ll get a job and pay rent, just please jerk me off…”

Ariel reluctantly agrees. She just abused his balls and sat on his face. She just came multiple times with her high heel in his crotch… why not?

She starts stroking his cock very lightly, and he is raging hard. “I bet you already wanna cum…” “This is NEVER going to happen again” she says in a stern voice.

“You don’t cum until I say…” Ariel loves having this power over her pervy roommate. She teases his cock and gets him right to the edge of orgasm then stops. Lance is twitching and going crazy. Ariel just rolls her eyes and slowly strokes and stops over and over. She continues to berate him for being a loser roommate while she toys with his raging hard cock. She occasionally grabs his balls and squeezes to prove her point.

“I just wanna aggravate you the way you’ve been aggravating me…” She tells him as his cock twitched and he leaks pre-cum. She feeds him his pre-cum, then continues to slowly stroke his cock.

She sits down with her leg over his body and his cock pointed at her crotch. “You better not cum on my fucking work outfit… He blows his load all over her leotard and pantyhose. She lets go of his cock the second he starts to cum and squeezes his balls hard, ruining his orgasm.

Ariel makes him lick her clean from his cum.

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