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Alexis's Cruel Game

Alexis is wearing a transparent leotard with black pantyhose and a miniskirt. She wants to play a teasing and ballbusting game. If she can get the slave hard, she's going to kick him in the balls. She knows she has full control of his cock with her hotness in her outfit. "Awe, you know you'll have fun, play my game…. :)" She's very sweet and innocent about the whole cruel game. Her smiles and sweet voice make the entire scene extra evil and cruel. After she breaks his balls and he loses his hard on she wants to play a new game. "How about I suck your dick if you can make it through 10 more kicks….?" He doesn't want to play at first but she pulls off her miniskirt and teases him with her perfect ass and convinces him. He has no idea that she's about to kick him a lot harder than she ever had before and totally break his balls for good… He almost thinks he can make it but they keep coming harder… He starts to beg her to stop, and she says, "Ok, maybe I'll step on them instead…" When he says he can't take anymore, her tone changes and she says, "Too bad" with a more stern voice and keeps counting her kicks and brings them as hard as possible even though he's begging her to stop. He ends up layer out on the floor and she crushes he cock with her feet while he's helpless in agony and she giggles, "Awe, does that hurt?"

Date Added: January 15, 2018


8 min of video


Rating: 4.0/5.0

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