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Alexis Grace and Her Play Toy

Alexis Grace is all dolled up in a tight high cut leotard, black tights and white socks. She calls in Lance Hart to help her stretch before she works out. Alexis has been keeping Lance in chastity for a long time, and she thinks it will be funny to make him help her stretch, teasing him with her sexy body, while his cock is locked up tight in a steel cage...

She makes him pulls down his pants and get naked so she can giggle at his locked up cock, then tells him to get to work... Lance is very conflicted as he stretches her sexy body in a few very seductive positions. Alexis loves the fact that he would do anything to be unlocked, and loves how blue his balls are. She takes every opportunity to grind against his chastity cage.

Then she sends him for lotion and makes him to lotion up her huge soft perfect tits while he is on his knees...

She gets turned on, and now she needs to cum. Of course, she is going to cum right in front of him, on top of him... just to make his cock and balls suffer in their steel cage...

She smothers his face with her sweet ass first, then straddles his cock cage and makes herself cum again. She is using a really powerful hitachi vibrator, which she loves to use to torment his sore blue balls even more.

After Alexis is satisfied, she makes Lance beg to be unlocked. He can’t take any more and she knows it. She tells him that if he is going to get unlocked and cum, she is going to fuck his ass hard with a strap-on...

Alexis Grace returns to Lance Hart, who she left naked on the floor in a steel chastity cage. If he is going to get any release ever, he is going to have to earn it...

She is wearing a sexy and fitting She-Devil costume with striped tights and heels, and a huge pink vibrating strap-on. First she makes him lube it up for her, then she bends him over and pounds his ass in a few different positions. Alexis has two priorities: She wants the vibrating cock to get her off, and she wants to completely dominate his ass...

After she makes herself cum by fucking his ass, she fucks him some more and makes him beg for release.

She decides to be nice and unlock his steel chastity cage, but cumming won’t be easy...

She sits on his face while she takes her time pulling the cage off his throbbing cock, which his erection bulges out of immediately. Then she lubes up his cock and strokes it slow, riding his face, smothering him.

Then Alexis sits on his stomach and wraps her sexy legs around his cock, squeezing it with her pantyhose covered thighs. She makes him hump her legs, giggling while he tries to get off, rubbing his hard cock on her slightly abrasive pantyhose. Just when he gets close to cumming, she spreads her legs wide and switches positions...

She makes him fuck her legs more, then makes him beg for release. When she finally milks his cock out all over the crotch of her red devil costume, she stands over him and makes him lick it all up... “Well, get your cage, it’s back to chastity for you for another month...”

Date Added: April 2, 2018


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