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18 Year Old Naomi Nash Seducing Spy: Foot Worship

Naomi Nash is a sexy 18 year old spy trained in the arts of seduction, edging, interrogation, and disposal. She’s been assigned to take down Dr Tony Orlando, a brilliant and rich scientist who has developed a ground breaking serum. Her task is to steal it from him.

She waits in his home for him to arrive and when he does, he’s arrogant and not scared. Naomi isn’t the first sexy lady of espionage to try to steal his secrets. He thinks he can take advantage of the situation by fucking him her but giving her nothing.

“Oh come on Dr… you can have my pussy…. Or do you prefer anal…?"

Naomi straddles him, grinds on him, gets him horny, then jabs a secret serum of her own into his neck causing complete paralysis except for his head, his cock and balls, and his ass.

When Dr Orlando comes to he is on the floor, naked, and terrified because he cannot move. Young Naomi teases him, and quickly finds out he has a foot fetish. She shoves her pretty 18 year old feet in his mouth and makes him worship them.

“Here’s the deal. I’ve dealt with men like you before. You’ll talk, only after your balls are 100% drained. So I’m going to drain them.”

She makes him worship her feet more then starts to suck his cock. She’s been trained by the best so it doesn’t take long for her to get him to the edge of orgasm. Naomi knows that edging him a little first will get more cum out, so she does, stopping to sit on his face or make him lick her pretty feet some more.

Finally she tells him that she’s going to get his first load of many for the night, and after that she’s going to spit his cum into his mouth. She doesn’t have to do this for interrogation purposes, she just likes watching powerful men become helpless with a mouth full of cum…

She sucks the cum out of his cock then spits it in his mouth and smiles.

“You mentioned early that you like anal…. So now I’m going to fuck you in the ass…”

Dr Orlando begs but she giggles and walks away to change clothes and get her strap on.

To be continued…

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Rating: 5.0/5.0

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