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18 Year Old Marina Fucks His Ass

Lance is bound to a brick wall. Marina Angel is giggling in front of him in her high cut leotard, shiny pantyhose and high heels. She loves to toy with him. Marina is an expert at keeping male slaves horny and begging, even while she kicks their balls in…

She teases him with her sexy body, giggling and smiling so innocently while she makes him crumple and with devastating kicks to his balls. She loves to fake him out by kicking the wall behind him, then following up his flinching with a real kick.

After she kicks his balls in to her satisfaction, she returns with a big pink strap-on cock. “I’m going to fuck your ass until you love it… [giggle]”

Marina pounds his ass hard. Really hard. Some girls with strap-ons just do the bare minimum, not Marina. Long strokes in and out, hard pounding, giggling while Lance moans… she gives the sweet hard dick…

After pounding his ass until he begs for more, she whispers in his ear that she is going to call some friends to come over and fuck him next…

Marina Angel is wearing a 70’s style super high cut leotard and shiny pantyhose. She has a strap-on, and she is fucking Lance hard.

She fucks him until he begs to cum. She edges him with her hand, then denies him, for now…

Marina seriously turned 18 about a month before this clip was filmed. She has braces and is fucking adorably evil, and a natural ass fucker.

Marina has been teasing Lance, edging him, and not letting him cum for a long time. She has been fucking his ass with strap-ons, busting his balls, and making sure he is on the edge of insanity from being so horny. Now he is begging her to let him cum.

She stands in front of him with a curved dildo and tells him it’s going up his ass. She shoves it inside him, sits him up on it and starts to milk his cock. She makes him bounce up and down on it while she teases his cock and giggles.

She keeps him on the edge of cumming while she humiliates him. Marina stops stroking and dances in front of him, telling him to bounce on the dildo more. Marina spreads his legs and fucks his ass with the dildo, then tells him he can cum, but he has to eat it all. She points his cock at his face, makes him open wide and milks him to release. Then Marina gets all the cum that missed his mouth (on her shiny pantyhose and his stomach) and shoves it in his mouth.

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