Ok Yay New Design!

I just spent about 12 hours straight monkeying with the thumbs, copy, model pics... I think I got the site to where it's pretty nice for now :)

A couple things:

- I know, the Categories Section is gone :( I'm going to get that back in here ASAP. Do you guys even use it? I thought it would be helpful, but please let me know if it's unnecessary.

- The thumbs are different sizes now. This means that for most of the old stuff, the thumbs are going to look funky. All the new stuff I post from here on out should look really nice. I just dug back and fixed a few of them. It's very tedious and I'm not sure I'm ever going to get to all the old ones.

- The Model Thumbs are blurry for a lot of the models. This is because the new dimensions of the new template are just bigger. I'll do my best to make this look better.

<3 Lance

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