New design... WTF is going on here?

So I hired a design company to give me nicer templates for my sites. I've run web companies for years, and every other time I've worked with designers or developers, they have some type of method to make sure live changes to the sites don't get really weird. Something like, "Hey we are going to make these live changes now, so you'll need to be ready with images at these (whatever) dimensions and logos and copy written for these sections..." Anyway, we didn't have any conversations like that this time. They just went live with the new blank templates last night. So right now I'm scrambling to make this site and look somewhat normal again. Sorry for the mess. Both sites should totally function properly right now. If you are having any issues, or have any suggestions on how you'd prefer it to look, please let me know at After a long day of scrambling, I'm confident that both sites will be more awesome than before :) <3 Lance Hart

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