Sales Motivation Ball Slapping HJ

Riley Reyes is Lance’s boss at work.  She’s in charge of a team of salesmen, and every one calls her a ballbuster, but Lance can’t tell why, she’s always been so nice to him.  Also she’s hot as fuck and wears short skirts and pantyhose everyday, which drive’s Lance crazy.

His sales are low.  He’s nervous to report to her.  She asks what she can do to help improve his sales, and he blurts out, “A hand job would be great…” then he stammers, unsure if he actually said that out loud.  Riley shrugs her shoulders, sips her coffee, and says, “Sure… I’ll give you a hand job.”

Lance can’t believe it.  His hot boss is coming around the desk to jerk him off.

She proceeds to lube up his cock and stroke him while he gropes her sexy legs and body.  Riley is good with her hand and has him quivering right away, but Lance also learns really quick why they all call her a ballbuster as she grips his balls tight and slaps them.  Every time he’s about to blow his load all over her shiny pantyhose, she slaps or squeezes his balls and tells him, “Not yet.”

After a lot of edging and ball slapping, Riley tells him that she wants him to eat his own cum.  He can’t disagree with her fingers working his tingling cock.  She sits on his lap, grinds her pantyhose covered ass against him and continues to edge him until his mind is jelly.

“I’d love to keep stroking you, but I’m gonna need some dick.  I want you to bend me over my desk, pull my pantyhose down and fuck me.  You’re going to cum in my pussy and lick it all out” she tells him in a very serious tone.

to be continued…