Lizzie Love Face Sitting Ball Crusher FULL

Lizzie Love has seduced a new man into her bedroom.  He thinks they are going to play a little rough…

She has his hands bound and she makes him worship her ass over her leotard and fishnets.  He’s excited.  She smothers his face in a few positions.  He has no idea the pain she’s about to bring him.

Lizzie Love has been smothering Sage’s face with her crotch and ass.  She says softly, “Now I think it’s time to crush your balls…”

Sage murmurs something into her crotch, but she doesn’t care.  She crawls over him, burying his face under her crotch while she grabs his nuts and squeezes.  She takes her time.  First she just hurts him a little by squeezes them over his pants.  Then she puts her hands inside his pants and crushes them one at a time, smiling while he screams.

After she’s pretty sure she popped at least one, she makes him spread his legs and plays with what’s left of his balls with her feet.

“I can’t wait to get the next guy over here…”