ChiChi Milks Her Slave


ChiChi Medina has just gotten done fucking Lance Hart with her hug vibrating strap-on. She has tormented his ass long enough and has decided to let him cum.

 Lance’s balls are fully engorged as ChiChi decides to knee him in the nuts, he moans in pain. 

Chi Chi starts teasing him with her hands and tits just stroking his cock sensually alternating pleasure with pain as she knees him the nuts. She has him right on the edge of orgasm. 

“You better beg for it.”


Lance keeps begging as she strokes his cock. She keeps him on the edge of orgasm. 

He almost cums a couple times but ChiChi stops just as he’s about to. By this time Lance is trembling with the desire to cum, his body just can’t help it. ChChi Finally starts to stroke his cock hard enough to cum and he blows his hot load all over her. When she is done stroking his cock and is sure to have all his cum out, she knees him in the balls as punishment for not lasting as long as she wanted him to.