Last Fuck as a Man

Charlotte Sartre has her boyfriend, Lance Hart, bound to her bed.  She dressed him in fishnets and heels.  She sways her perfect ass back and forth as she tells him that she’s going to cut off his balls soon.  This will be the last time he feels her amazing pussy on his cock.

After this, she’s going to use him as her sissy whore.  He’ll be eating a lot of cum, starting now with his last load, which he’s going to eat from her pussy after she’s done with him.  He can try to stop from cumming to keep his balls longer, but it’s hopeless.

She brings him to the edge of cumming with her pussy, only stopping to slap, squeeze and punch his balls.  Charlotte wants to enjoy making him squirm while he still has balls to abuse. 

She slaps him hard in the nuts while riding his cock.  Even that won’t stop him from losing his last load inside her.  When he finally empties his balls inside her, she smiles and sits on his face, making him lick her clean.