Smothered Twice by Janice Griffith

[this is “Smothered by Janice Griffith” and “Smothered Again by Janice Griffith” as one continuous scene for a discount]

Janice Griffith has a lazy roommate.  She stands over him in her panties and high socks judging him, then decides to smother his face with her ass.  Janice clearly loves riding faces and doesn’t care how hard it is for Lance to breathe.  

She laughs while grinding her pussy and ass in his face, then leaves him bewildered on the sofa.

Janice comes back and her lazy roommate Lance is still on the sofa.  She pulls off her panties and climbs on his face, waking him up with a mouth full of her pussy.  Janice rides his face until she’s happy, then tells him he’s liking it too much and has to lick her feet.

She makes him worship her feet through her stinky socks, then peel her socks off and worship her bare feet.