Juliette March Makes You a Girl

[this is “Pussy Envy with Juliette March” and “Give Your Balls to Your Sister Juliette March” as one scene for a discount]

You're step sister is hot as fuck.  She wears tight leggings around the house and knows that you jerk off to her.  You didn’t know she has a fantasy about you…

Juliette wants to cut off your balls and turn you into a girl.  She always wanted a hot sister too…  “I’ll let you have my pussy if you give me those balls to crush after…”

“I’ll let you wear my panties… [smile]”

“Don’t you want a smooth crotch like mine?” 

“You’re gonna be the perfect slutty sister!”

She seduces you with her amazing ass in her red leggings.  She’s going to slowly crush your balls after you fuck her and then you’ll be her sister so she can dress you up in tight stuff like her.

Julette leaves to change into something even sluttier…

Now she is wearing a tight high cut one-piece thong leotard and fishnets with high heeled boots.  She see’s you staring at her smooth crotch…

“So, you came here to give me your balls…?”

She teases you with her sexy ass and crotch.  Juliette loves making boys like you smooth like her.  She just wants to remove your bulge by slowly and painfully taking your balls from you.

“I’ll let you put your face right here [points at her pussy] if you let me take your balls….”

You are seduced and powerless.   You desperately want to burry your face in her perfect ass and lick her pussy.  She’s going to turn you into a girl and dress you up like her.  You’re going to let her.