Give Your Balls to Arielle FULL

Rev. Arielle Aquinas is ready for you.  “So, you came here to give me your balls….?”

She teases you in her thigh high socks and lingerie.  When she moves her ass in front of you, you start to fall under her spell.  You’re going to volunteer to let her do any terrible things she wants to do with your sensitive balls.  You’re going to give her your manhood.

Arielle instructs you to slap your balls for her.  It’s only a matter of time until they are in her hands.

Now Rev. Arielle Aquinas is wearing a black thong one-piece, black pantyhose and high heels.  She’s ready to take your balls.  You are going to slap and squeeze your nuts for her amusement and by the end you will beg her to take them from you.