Final Emasculation FULL with Amadahy

Goddess Amadahy volunteers as a nurse in a Femdom Clinic where male slaves are sent to be de-balled. It’s her great pleasure to take her time with them. The process starts with her draining 100% of their cum, which she uses a milking machine for.

She calls in her first slave of the day, Lance Hart. He is dressed in pantyhose with thigh high boots and panties as she requested and is completely ready to submit his manhood to her. Amadahy looks him in the eye and smiles as she slides the milking machine on his raging hard cock. She loves knowing she’ll be the last to see him with an erection.

At first, the cum draining procedure is very enjoyable for the slave. After he cums the first couple times it starts to hurt, so Amadahy has to keep him cumming by teasing him and sitting on his face.

“You’re going to have to learn to useful with just your mouth after I chop off your dick and balls…” She says casually while riding his face, laughing every time her machine drains another load from him.

Lance quivers underneath her. He is completely drained and can’t take anymore. “You want it to stop, just beg me to take your balls…” Amadahy smiles. He begs her to end his manhood, but Amadahy leaves the machine on anyway and drains one more painful load before leaving him to get her gelding device…

Amadahy just drained the fuck out Lance’s balls by teasing him relentlessly while keeping him plugged into her milking machine. Before gelding him the next phase of his emasculation treatment involves her fucking his ass with her strap-on. She does this to make sure every drop of cum is extracted from his balls before she removes them. Fucking men in the ass normally gets one last load from them. Also, she just loves fucking men in the ass and calling them her sissy whore.

She has lance moaning with her big vibrating strap-on deep in his ass. Amadahy really knows how to work her cock. She whispers in his ear about how she’s going to take his balls soon as she gives him the sweet dick.

Amadahy has him flip over and orders him to stroke his cock one final time. “Be a good slut for Daddy” she says, “This is the last orgasm you’ll ever have [smile].”

She pounds his ass and commands him to keep stroking. “Your balls are mine. They’ll look so nice in my jar. I’m pushing out the very last drops of cum from them right now” she casually tells him as she fucks his ass.

As he blows a huge load all over his own pantyhose she reminds him that’s the last one he’ll ever have, then squeezes his balls. “Now it’s my turn! I wanna cum!” Amadahy keeps fucking his ass and then looks him in the eye while she holds his balls. “Now ask me to please take your balls.”

He begs him to take them while she squeezes and pokes his nuts.