Fit Chick Roommate Alexis Rain FULL

Alexis Rain is in her living room wearing leggings and a sports bra. She’s practicing her poses for a fitness competition when her creepy roommate, Lance Hart walks in with a boner in his sweatpants.

“Are you getting a little excited there?” Alexis asks Lance, who is clearly perving on her ass. “You wanna touch it?” Lance doesn’t waste any time. He gets on his knees and buries his face in spandex covered tight ass. Alexis knows she can take advantage of this situation. She lets him creep on her ass, even sits on his face, then she spins around and squeezes his neck with her strong thighs. Lance is still in heaven, staring directly into her crotch and feeling on her body. Alexis is going to manipulate him into paying her share of the bills.

She squeezes his neck hard until he’s out. “Now I’m going to go through your wallet…”

Lance comes to on the living room floor completely naked. His fitness chick roommate, Alexis Rain walks in wearing heels, fishnets and a lace teddy. He’s never seen her in anything other than leggings and sneakers…

Alexis lubes up his cock and he is almost immediately hard. He can’t believe his hot fitness chick roommate is stroking his dick. This is all part of Alexis’s game. She’s going to get him to promise to take over her share of the bills. She gets him right on the edge of cumming and then stops. She does this over and over until his brain is jelly. She sits on his face and rubs her perfect ass on him while she edges him.

Eventually Lance will do anything to cum. He agrees to pay all the bills so she finishes milking a huge load from him, then leaves him naked, covered in cum on the floor.