Crazy Hook Up With Roxanne Rae FULL

Lance brought really hot girl home and he’s eating her pussy in his bed.  She left on her thigh high socks and red sneakers, which made him think she might be a little freaky… but he has no idea what he’s about to get into.

After licking her pussy he tells her he wants to fuck.  Just when he slides the dip of his cock into her perfect wet pussy, she grabs him by the balls and squeezes.  “You can fuck me, but first I get to fuck you…”  She likes to have all the control, and she really likes to pound cute guys in the ass with her strap on.  Lance is dying horny, so he’s up for anything.  

She fucks him from behind.  At first he’s moaning because it hurts, but soon he’s moaning in pleasure.  She flips him on his back and he’s still hard while she fucks him.  He begs her to let him feel her pussy.  When she tells him maybe, he begs harder and starts riding her dick harder to try to convince her.  He even spreads his legs wide while he takes her dick, acting like a total slut for her amusement.

Finally she agrees to have normal sex.  She slides onto his cock, but when he pushes into her, she slaps his balls.  “I’m doing it!  Not you!”  She wants him to stay still while she drives him crazy with her perfect wet pussy.  He can’t help himself and pushes into her a little, so she slaps and squeezes his balls.  Just when he’s about to cum, she gets off of him and grabs a vibrator to get herself off.  She squeezes his balls hard as she gets closer to cumming, looking him in his pained eyes the whole time.  Clearly this is a sadistic woman…

Once Roxanne is satisfied, she gets back on his dick.  “But if you cum, I’m going to slap the fuck out of your balls…”  Lance just begs her not to hurt him while he fucks her.  He know he can’t stop.  Her pussy is too good and he’s going to cum inside her.  “You’re doing this to yourself, I’m really going to hurt your balls,” she warns him.  He cums in her and she immediately starts slapping and squeezing his balls while he moans.  She gets off of him and calls him pathetic and leaves.