Earning that Dick from Goddess Kyaa

[This is “Goddess Kyaa Ballbusting and Face Fucking” and “Goddess Kyaa Gives the Sweet Dick” as one continuous scene for a discount]


Goddess Kyaa is looking sexy as ever in her shiny tight leather pants, high heeled stiletto boots and corset (and strap-on)


She shoves Lance against a wall and asks him how bad he wants to get fucked.  He begs her, but she wants him to earn a good fucking…  She knees him in the balls hard and makes him suck on her strap-on while she calls him a slut. 


Kyaa knees hard and keeps a perfect balance of sensual humiliation and hard dominance when she makes Lance suck on her cock in between hard ball abuse.


Now that Lance has earned a good fucking from Kyaa by taking her ball abuse and sucking her strap-on like a man, she bends him over to fuck him right…


Kyaa really knows how work a strap-on.  Possibly because she plays with one in her personal lesbian life a lot.  It’s clear she can fuck.


Kyaa makes Lance beg for more in multiple positions, then leaves him shivering so she can go fuck her girlfriend.